Trios showcases diverse and masterful playing from Evans, Larson, and Swoboda. The players interlock complex rhythmic material with the precision of a surgical team, so that even in the most chaotic whirlwind of fragmented material everything remains crystal clear. Equally impressive is the group’s attention to composite sound in pieces that focus more on evolving timbre, where the trio masterfully conveys subtle and delicate shifts in color. With its hypnotic grooves and richly evolving soundscapes, Trios is an aesthetically unified offering, and a pleasure to listen to.
— Tristan Mckay, icareifyoulisten
The telepathic, out-of-this-world interplay heard on the sometimes berserk, sometimes subtle interlocking conversations and high-energy angularity found on Trios is a spellbinding trip into finger-hopping gymnastics and rhythm section-fueled intensity.
— Brad Cohen, The Observer
This dynamic New York trio makes an impressive debut with Trios...throughout the album, Bearthoven’s members operate tightly, but never lose their individual, distinctive voices.
— Peter Margasak, Bandcamp Daily
Diversity of repertoire, attention to detail, flexibility, and commitment to individual and ensemble excellence are Bearthoven’s strengths. With these assets, Bearthoven has achieved a consistent ensemble sound that is apparent even in the face of broad eclecticism. Based on Trios, Bearthoven is an ensemble that can be counted upon to deliver with poise, mastery, and style—and to produce new material that is both diverse and superlative.
— Seth Tompkins, Second Inversion
Bearthoven is not just a piano, a bass and some drums — it seems greater than the sum of its parts; a kind of chameleon that is both the subject and the object of the creative process, a synergistic unit that informs and becomes the art that is created at its behest.
— Cristian Kriegeskotte, ICAREIFYOULISTEN
Heady stuff, indeed, that is just accessible enough, without compromise, to pull in listeners from further, musical fields.
— BG Independent News